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Saturday, 11 April 2015 01:18

2011-3. Poem- Girl From Medical Lake

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My brother, Roger, was always the musician, playing lead guitar in many bands. At one point, he had mentioned a woman that had a crush on him, and she was a bit aggressive, but he didn't feel the same way about her. 


Medical Lake is a place outside of Spokane Washington where there was an inpatient psychiatric facility. For some reason, which escapees me now, Medical Lake was mentioned in the same conversation about the woman that was pursuing Roger. One thing led to the other in my head and I wrote this "poem" that I thought could be lyrics of a "rock" song. I called it "Girl From Medical Lake."


Girl From Medical Lake


I was playing a gig down at medical lake,

the girls down there,

they really know how to shake,

especially one always in the first row,

that girl, 

she knew how to go, go go


She shook her top

and she shook down there,

She seemed in a seizure

like she just didn’t care.

she shimmied

and she bounced

and her sweat just flew,

others stared,

not sure what to do. 


Her eyes were crossed

and her hair a mess,

but that girl could shake 

inside that raggedy dress. 

On her lip was a shadow,

a little mustache,

her legs were hairy,

she was poor white trash.

She smiled up at me

her tooth caught the light,

girl from medical lake

gave me a terrible fright.


She shook her top

and she shook down there,

She seemed in a seizure

like she just didn’t care.

she shimmied

and she bounced

doing what she do,

some think it a lie

I tell you it’s true.


Then she waited at the stagedoor,

I couldn’t avoid saying hi,

she thought I said I loved her,

but you know I wouldn’t lie. 

She came to see me night after night

I realized medical lake girl,

she just wasn’t right.


She shook her top

and she shook down there,

It was like a seizure, man

like she just didn’t care.

she shimmied

and she bounced all over me

I  stood there frozen,

this just couldn’t be!


Then I noticed one day

when I was out on my beat

the girl from medical lake

was following me down the street.


Soon that girl was behind every tree,

I realized that girl must be stalking me. 

She came to every concert,

and she sent me snail mail,

instead of perfume,

it had an ugly smell. 


One day that girl, 

she caught me off guard,

she whipped out her purse

and took out a card,

she wanted to manage me

and get me some gigs

if I just ate her pussy

and act like a pig. 


I said no thanks

but I guess she had power

she called all the clubs

and my gigs they turned sour.

She told the club owners

Roger Rogers, he suck,

I couldn’t get gigs,

I was out of luck. 


But if I shook my top

and I shook down there

I noticed the crowd

would start to care.

I shimmied and bounced, 

like I was making porn,

and the crowd responded,

when I began to perform.


I found another club

and I got another gig,

all of this

without flipping my wig,

but now I stay away from medical lake,

even though the girls down there

really know how to shake. 

They shake their tops

and they shake down there

they go into seizures

like they just don’t care. 

They shimmy and they bounce

and they let the sweat fly,

but there’s a crazy girl,

looking for any guy. 


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