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Friday, 15 May 2015 05:41

2010 Christmas Poem

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Christmas 2010


And here it is,

its Christmas again,

it didn't get stolen-

it's  2010. 

I'm not sure why there was ever a fear

'bout any war on Christmas,

'cause Christmas is here!

My atheist friends, 

they have put up a tree,

they talk about peace,

just as you and me. 

Judaic friends, 

burn a Menorah of lights

celebrating the peace, too

through eight winter nights.

Muslims and Christians both,

take advantage of sales,

everyone loves a good deal,

and a card in the mail.

Buddhists obviously like the peace,

but also good cheer,

and maybe a feast. 

So maybe this "war,"

is only a myth,

created by Fox

to give their ratings a lift?


I hope the myth doesn't incite,

and everyone will have

a happy Yule night. 

The winter solstice

is as old as the earth

and we all celebrate

with light and good mirth.

2010 was not good for some

with economic collapse,

and their mortgage due sum.

It's been a long climb

from the valley of Bush,

but Obama's done fine,

with Pelosi's good push. 

Recovery is coming,

I think we all know,

I hope that it's here

by the melt of the snow. 

Jobs on the rise,

mortgage defaults on decline,

repeal of DADT,

I'm feeling so fine.

The Freedom of Info Act,

is much more secure,

'cause Obama ordered

agencies to concur.

Coverups and corruption

is more a thing of the past,

I hope that transparency,

is something to last.

244 accomplishments

have been noted so far,

and that's just a start

for raising the bar. 

Fox watchers don't know,

'cause their all misinformed,


the truth is deformed.

They worry 'bout stuff

that doesn't exist,

like mosques at ground zero,

and a soldiers limp wrists. 

There are some from MSNBC,

that are a little too left,

and do themselves harm

railing on Obama,

and seem so alarmed.

"Don't let the perfect,

be the enemy of good,"

Don't let Ralph Nader

arise out of the wood. 

We must all stand together,

and some compromise we must,

as hard as it is,

when there is so little trust.

There will always be those,

that want to give it all to the rich,

that kind of thinking,

got us into this ditch.

But history facts,

they really don't lie,

we ALL do better

when we let the Democrats try. 

Christ WAS a liberal,

I've said it before,

and Santa's a Democrat,

do I need to say more?

So this holiday season, 

I wish you all well,

and again I say,

I think your all swell. 

Sorry for politics,

it's just who I am,

Milton tries to say "no" 

like a thumb in the dam.

Politics spill out,

even if I try to hold back,

it isn't opinions

that I ever lack.



Merry Christmas! 


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