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Friday, 15 May 2015 05:44

2006 Christmas Poem

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Christmas 2006


Another Christmas, another year,

another poem, a little cheer.


If Christmas was banned, I guess it must have been brief

‘cause here we are now in another season of peace. 


As the holiday season begins to descend,

it is time to send Christmas cards again and again. 


Only good wishes, wishing you the best,

anything divisive, I’m putting to rest.


If you read this, I know you have an open mind

and I know pushing a viewpoint really isn’t so kind. 


Last year my political humor, for some did offend,

but I’m glad for those that can differ, and still be called friend. 


Even the bitter and the sour, I would never exclude,

just because of our differences, in our attitudes.


Some cussed me and banned me, and have cut me out of their lives,

but my care and affection, for them still survives.


Christ was forgiving and I hope we all will be too,

his message was love, may that love be with you. 


Merry Christmas

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