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Friday, 15 May 2015 05:49

1968- Poem- Hotel Room for $19.95

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Hotel Room for $19.95


Looking back through brown stained curtains.

One curtain rod.

Brown stains on white lace.

A shade.

Usual color. 

To shut out the sun.

Torn curtain sharing rod.

Two windows.

The brown stained white lace curtains.

The torn curtains. 

Shadows… of better days. 

One leather upholstered rocking chair

that's rocked an eternity's worth of people.


A bed. 

A desk. The usual Bible that no one roads.

A lamp. 

A chair, and one for the desk.

Cigarette burned carpet.

An old chest of drawers with a mirror,

which has been many people. 

Small room.

Wallpaper blooms,

with pink and faded white flowers.

Did a grandmother do this?



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