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Friday, 15 May 2015 05:54

2008- Psycho Song

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On my brain,

you're like a boil,

my nerves so tight,

like an unsprung coil.

You read my mind,

through my hat of foil,

you scare me girl,

like burning oil,

The voice in my head

says you ain't loyal

you ain't my queen,

and you ain't no royal,

You just stir the pot,

a cauldron of toil,

you an evil witch,

the good you spoil!


I know you put a transister 

in my tooth,

I hear the transmissions,

I hear the truth. 

I can't eat or drink

anything you serve,

I know your dangerous

'cause you got some nerve.

I know you work for the F.B.I.

and eveything you tell me

is just a lie.

You put bugs throughout my house,

there's even a microphone in my mouse.

You share information with the C.I.A.

I can't believe anything you say!


You tell me I'm crazy,

but I'm just wise,

I'd be a fool 

if I believed all your lies!

I'm not a fool

I'm not a nut,

you little whore,

you little slut!


When I'm asleep

you inject poison in my veins,

to keep me sedated,

and make me insane.

I hear a voice

or maybe it's five,

or maybe a hundred

bees in a hive,

buzzing and screaming

you just connive

and if I value my life

I realize

I gotta go now

to get out alive!


No, I'm not going to see your "doctor" friend,

who believes the mean

justify the ends. 

I'm not taking the pills

conveniently prescribed

at your request

after he rode your ride.

The voices tell me,

they do confide,

you tell everyone stories,

to all you've lied. 


So girl, just  leave me alone

don't call because

I won't answer the phone.

I'll seal my room

with some gray duct tape

so I can privately plan

my great escape.

Being with you

was like brain rape,

now my plan

can finally take shape!


Please don't call 911,

Don't call police,

Don't call my mom,

Don't call a priest,

it will all be done.

it all will cease,


God and me are one

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