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Friday, 15 May 2015 18:44

1969- Teen Angst Poems

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Oh tell me

how you forget

a wedding in spring,

rose colored lips or a beautiful thing?

How do you forget

a sun shiny day

when that time 

wasn’t too far away,

when you would both

walk down that aisle

both almost too frightened to smile?


But smile you did

and no love there was hidden

from the world.

You both said then that you would never part

but time brought a broken heart.

The love there died

and many times you cried

“It’s over!”


Mable the Dyke


Do you hate yourself

for what you’ve become

do you think you

are the only one

to ever have thought

those thoughts before?

And you won’t tomorrow.

But yesterday has past

and today won’t last,

very long.

And we’ll see the wrong

we did



Nobody’s crying now,

‘cause nobody knows

except the lie

of asking “why?” and

“What’s the matter?”

Kid psychoanalyst,

he’s really kind of funny.

He’ll say “wow,”

and then he’ll take your money.

IF you got none

it’s been fun

but your a drag

‘cause he’s a fag

with anxieties.

I don’t care

play the game

be the same

and lie.

He did.

And YOU fell for it!

That’s funny.

Don’t know what’s wrong.

It’s getting long…

and late…

and the only fake is you.

Do you wanna talk or 

just say petty words

that are meaningless?

Your games a bore 

Heard it all before.




Bowlegged octopi

crawling up my leg

begin for a piece of,

I’m not sure what.


What’s your name?


I know I would like to shake your hand;

touch your hair,

kiss you

If it would be good.


Have you ever slept with three or 

four… other people… and loved them all?


I haven’t.


Separating Powers


I’m writing this little note for you.

Will you read it soon?

I doubt it.




it’s raining.


Isn’t it beautiful?


Some of us say what we feel.

Some of us write what we fell.

Some of us fear to feel

what’s there.


If I liked you,

if I loved you

could I feel you?




uh, well sir,

I feel that…


your lonely?


I do not know you.


Yes miss?

Ya wanna…

ya wanna get it on



come together?

I do not know you,





Revealing Thyself


Take the wrappings off child.

Open you presents child.

Let it be

and see me.


Take off the tight white.

Let in the light.

It’s night.

It’s night.


Oh give thyself

and I’ll give me.


everyone should see.


So take off the mask

and put it down

and ask-

make the sound.




Empty Trip


Is this trip


called “loneliness,”

the word that man

thought adequate

for a felling

which is no feeling at all.

Pure emptiness

or maybe less.

The world has died

and you’ve crie

all the tears

it’s worth

and you search

for something

to believe in. 


Party friend-


sail away.

I hear some lines

go on rainy days.

Go ahead

and stay





Your Own Ego Trip


Wandering through a wonderland of maze

a misinterpretation

of the phase

to naked

and nakedness is whereI come from

not knowing where I’m going

and many thought they knew

but even I don’t know. 

and my mind is mean and low

but I don”t care

and maybe you have seen it,

but then you haven’t felt it,

and again you have to be it,

to trip it.


Take me crystalline ships of

fog and grey,

take me crystal ships far away.

You know where your going to;

where have I been?

Been no where and


It’s just an illusion anyway.

There ain’t no way

to know.

Psychedelic children been to no where yet

and think that I have yet to be there.

Who cares.

I don’t. 




Are you misunderstanding

all that you see

and most of all

misunderstanding me?

You think that you don’t

I say that you do

Am I misunderstanding you?

Have you felt so lonely

so much that your dead

and you come alive

from a single word that’s said

and you think only instead

of your boundaries…

your conditioning and life.

In your back the knife

of loves lost freedom.


Hell… misunderstand

take your hand away.

Hope one day

to see her.

Until then, what’s to be done

for you are only one

without another.


and hesitate

go on debate

love and hate

and soon it’s late again. 



An Old Hard Women Walkin Down a Lane


She walks with grace

over a golden path

in a dress of lace

hiding pain.


Happiness surrounds her

roses in full bloom

Light of good shines

from the sun.


Loved by all

and it doesn’t matter

she loves all

and to know her






No Title


My mother was a prostitute

my father was a drunk.

Sister was a Catholic nun,

my brother, a Buddhist monk.

I’m just no one,

nobody cares.

I’m just someone,

anyone who’s there.

I’m just standing,

standing on my feet,

I’m just speaking

the the minds I meet. 

It’s a strange type of language,

I do not understand.

It’s a melody

from a blue green yellow land. 




Let’s go down

to the place to be.

I’ve been told

that the places free.

It’s you

it’s me.

I’ll take you there now.

I’ll take you.

See now

it’s alright,

The suns going down.

Lies are gone,

the honest night.

Let’s go down


let’s go down

and we’ll be.


Let’s go down to the place

and you know

it’s only our mind

your mind.

Let’s go down.

We’ll find,

how it is. 


The End


On and on and on


on and on and on.

empty feeling.

I really don’t feel like it.

I really don’t feel like anything.


I don’t care if you do

on and on and on


I’m dead.

Ignore me

and I’ll dig it.

I can’t converse

or comprehend.

I’m dead.

I’m dead.

on and on and on.


drink or whatever

on and on

life is gone

I’m dead.





Sitten in the Shade


I’m sitten in the shade

of the cool

of the winter,

listening to jazz radio

playing softly

and thinking about the fun we had

in the sun of the summer-

Remember the one

that we meant each other-

you and me lovers.

Now we’re just brothers.

Thank you for the time.

If I had my druthers

we would do it all again.

But then I know.

It’s all over.

and over and over…


No matter what I play 

on the phonograph

there’s always silence in-between. 

The silence doesn’t really bother me.

you know what I mean?



but baby, you been gone so long. 


No Title


fighting sanity for my life

a match is struck for the night.

all is dying

all is dying

are you crying too?

gentle waves of the past

a past to present beauty.

I am dying

come lie beside me.

inescapable thoughts of

where do I go from here?

wife out the fear

wipe out the fear.

take my hand now

and undersand me.

we shall meet one day

you and I

we shall meet


and we shall try. 


Suicidal Society


Suicidal society

what are you trying to do to me?

slit my wrists

smash my brain

don’t you know I’m goin insane?


Nothing to look forward to

tear my umbilical cord from you.

cut me up

step on my face

help me get out of this miserable place.


Can’t run and can’t hide

can’t say I’ve ever tried

slash my veins

take some pills


take anything that kills.




Come all

be all

see all

there is to see

and be.

the eternity.



Your there!

Your there!

You wanna do it?

can you see it?

And when they ask who

I’ll be there too.


Your one

I’m one

they’re one

and one is all we’ll be.

and see

we’ll be infinity.


together we’ll gather

and your not alone



I’ll be there

see there

be where

and when they ask who


I’ll be there too. 




Oh my God

I’ve felt this way before

and it leads nowhere

and how do you bear 

such a thing alone?

How can I tell

what others think or feel

when nothing seems real

at all?

leave me behind

although I mind that too

it’s not so bad a pain

as when you 

act like it don’t matter

that I’m there

when I am.

is that just an illusion

adding confusion 


within me?


Advertisement for the O.K. Cafe Chain


Writing words of coffee stined thoughts

now sit ten at the local handout

thinking ‘bout the freaks

down on skid row

not really thinkin at all.

Making movies of innocent rainbows,

raining dreams of silver gold.

glittering love.

How do you love a bum

who’s screaming Mary’s 

screaming how YOU failed?

For a coffee dime

he’ll buy some wine

and tell you what he tells.

the continuing movie dream

isn’t really what it seems to anyone.

silver gold shimmering.

blue skye shimmering rainbow light

by the neon nights of forever land.


“Hey mister…

hey sir…

would you have a dime?”


“The time’s too late,” you answer



Aimlessly you wander

Aimlessly they go.

ain’t nothin hapnin

nowhere’s near

the place the call


skid row.

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