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Monday, 18 May 2015 23:27

2014- Christmas Poem

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How can a faux news network find a story to tell,

that has no news value after their political fail?

What can they say that's not 'bout a mythical cliff,

a way to change the subject,

a propaganda shift?

Where can they find a story superficial and lame?

As always and as usual,

from the past, it came.

Like a pair of old pajamas so comfy when worn,

Fox looked for something comfortable to whine about & mourn.

Their outrage is perennial.

We have heard it all before.

Much ado about nothing,

no real story at its core.

It always baffles me as I've said several other times,

in several other Christmases

in several other rhymes.

Fox propagandists are masters of indignation & hype

Telling their viewers to fear "abominations"

of every sexual orientation type.

Even though they lost the election

they act as if they won-

but there WAS an election

and we know we're still not done!

The war on Christmas is so dusty,

it's tired and it's frayed,

like so many other stories on Fox,

it's hackneyed and cliched.

So worn and trite

the war on Christmas

has never stood the light.

But here it is again,

more shrill nonsense from the right.

They love to pretend their victims

persecuted by the rest of us

who don't live in their bubble

they love to make a fuss.

Gretchen might believe this stuff (she seems a little dim),

but I'm not sure about O'reilly

I think he knows it's all pretend.

He must do it for the ratings

more bombastic hyperbole

to agitate his viewers

and bemuse the left tike me.

But times they are a changing

as Dylan said long ago

and this made up war on Christmas

isn't going to help Bills show.

Christmas is everywhere

with exceptions far between & few.

We are inundated with Christmas

even Buddhist, Hindu, Jew.

There is no getting away from Christmas decorations.

They are everywhere that people meet.

We are saturated with Christmas

on every road and every street.

You can't avoid Christmas carols on radio and t.v.

You can't avoid the garland

on every Christmas tree.

But that's not enough for the Fox neanderthals,

it must be a war on Christmas,

if its not in the courthouse halls.

They don't understand The Constitution,

the separation of church & state.

They want to tell you what to believe

and fill you with their hate.

Which is odd to me and opposite of Christ's meaning

but that's how it is in Bizarro world

when nothings what it's seeming.

Right to work mean's no rights at work

Clear skies means more pollution.

When Republicans say “no child left behind”

it's Orwellian elocution.

Their numbers seem to be shrinking, though.

I think people are tired of the shrill

from Hannity, Fox and Friends,

and especially from Bill.

So seasons greetings to non-Christians and Merry Christmas to the rest.

May your days all be merry

and all of you be blessed.

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