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Saturday, 31 October 2015 16:56

1977- Trip to San Diego with Mary Jo

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After I broke up with Stanley and moved to 1667 Haight Street, I bought my first brand new car. Mom and George had helped me buy a VW station wagon when I lived in Ontario and going to Valley Vocational in La Puente. No one had ever told me that I needed to change the oil, though, and I froze up the engine eventually because I neglected to do so. After taking the engine apart myself, I had to finally pay someone to put it back together. When I finished the program to become a Licensed Psychiatric Technician, I returned to San Francisco with my little red VW. I really didn't need a car in San Francisco, though, and it was a hassle to park it and to move it for street cleaning and it was so easy to get parking tickets, I eventually sold the VW and bought a stereo with the proceeds. 

I had not had a car for several years but in 1977, I started longing to have a car again. I went and looked but even back then, I was reading Consumer Reports. I almost bought and American car but stopped just prior to picking it up. My research showed that a Toyota would be much more reliable. I looked at the Toyota Celica and fell in love. 

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