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Monday, 16 November 2015 21:05

2015- War on Christmas poem

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I am always amused by the Fox News "War on Christmas." Here is my "War on Christmas" poem for 2015. 


’Twas during the weeks before Christmas, when all through the land

there were constant reminders, the Christian holiday’s at hand.

Christmas is everywhere and there is really no escape,

though Faux News will distort truth to a twisted shape.


Every year, Bill O’Reilly likes to pump up his ratings,

by being divisive and encouraging hating. 

Faux News will say there is a “War Upon Christmas,”

but the reality is, it’s just all about business.


The right wing sheeple are all snug in their bubble,

away from reality and facts that cause trouble.

They try to stay ignorant, as much as they can,

they say jolly old Santa must be a white man. 


The pundits on Faux News, oh they so love to chatter,

about nothing that’s true and nothing that matters.

“The sky is falling,” is their recurring refrain,

no logic or reason, they are really insane. 


Now Donald! Now Carson!

Now, Carly and Bush! 

On, Rubio and Christie!

Ted Cruz knows how to push!

To the top of the ticket

and top of Trump’s wall

that most want to build

except for Rand Paul. 


As the ‘publicans have their so-called debates,

and whine about moderators and the rights of the states.

they hate the federal government and want to bring it down,

they want it so small, in a tub it can drown.


They whine about nonexistent persecution,

they misinterpret and twist our good Constitution.

They try to scale back our fought for voting rights

and put the nations children in their assault weapon sights.


Ben Carson’s eye’s, they slowly open,

Christies off the main stage and he’s barely coping.

Ted Cruz competes with Carly to see who’s most shrill,

Marco Rubio is happy to be the Koch brother’s shill. 

Rand Paul seems to be lost in the crowd,

and Donald Trump just seems a little too loud. 

None of their policies make any sense,

they can’t answer questions about world events.


Watching these fools only fills me with dread,

Any Democrat running is better instead.

Martin O’Malley, Clinton or Sanders,

Any would make a better commander. 


Now, with Halloween over, Thanksgivings upon us,

Christmas ‘round the corner, Faux News ‘bout to con us.

They drag out this dead horse every December,

and beat that dead horse and then the transgendered.


I’m so glad I can think and understand logic,

and can see the Republicans are just demagogic.

But in the end, Happy Holidays are in sight,

To all Merry Christmas, even those on the far right. 

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