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Monday, 16 March 2015 19:43

1969-College Ave-Stream of Consciousness

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It's night. 

My mind wanders; drifts through a fantasy wonderland of maze. It creates illusions, one beside another as if two movies were being shown on the same transluscent screen. My passive thoughts spark now and then as if waiting for an explosion to send them escaping from my crowded skull in the universe as pastel colors. 

A surealistic canvas appears in my mind. There is a long field of flowing green grass seeping into the distance. At the forefront lies an American soldier painted gray, dead and cold. In the distance the American flag waves for freedom, encircled by a pure white cloud which, by the wind, has formed the innocent body of an infant. In the brown, smoky sky, the face of emptiness looks down. When I look closely at his dark mouth, there is a road running a distance of desolate miles. 

I enter this mouth of empty infinity, and I walk down the cold and rocky road. Finally I come upon a cigarrette machine; a man is standing close by bumming spare change. I give him a cigarette and walk away. He throws a knife, which lands at my feet. My boredom murders him. 

The night flows on and I find myself in a brightly lit city. I inhale the smog filled air. I wake myself up to dodge the taxis, buses andother misacllaneous vehicles going in circles. Suddenly a car drives up along side of me and I smell the scent of cheap perfume. I look into the car and see that the circus acts have arrived. 

There's Mike, Bill, Teddy, John and Wendy. They're all gaily dressed up in their jewels and stockings, out to hustle the sailors who don't know what's happening. They're all dressed up but Wendy, who's actually dead, but doesn't know it yet. 

The City lights dim and fade out as the music comes up. The show begins. The street people start placing bets on who'll makeit and who won't. Everyone is cheering on Bill, but they won't admit it. The music comes to an abrupt halt and the silence engulphs us all. It's a photo finish and nobody wins but Wendy, who just smiles. The crowd seems disappointed and it looks like riot time. 

I feel a little nauseous so I silently two step away into another dimension. The dimension is your reality and I'm sweating. There are things happening. Craziness clogs all up and down. There are things that wildest fantasy could never explain. There are dreams coming true; and nightmares of explosions trying to maker their way past my door... into my mind. I hold them back. 

The Wonderland is shatered with a million bullets and silly wars staged by petty poiticians. My fellow man is dying.

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