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Wednesday, 18 March 2015 03:27

1973- Clandestine N*gger

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I’m a Clandestine nigger- 
don’t look at me.
I’m a clandestine nigger- 
nobody can see.
If nobody knows, 
then I can still be free.

I’m oppressed and in hiding-
you would never know.
I’m oppressed and in hidding- 
don’t think you know
I just do my song and dance 
And be part of the show.

I’m a clandestine nigger- 
don’t have no soul.
I repress and depress myself-
my story never told.
I’m your actor friend waiting, 
to play the martyr’s role.

I’ve been oppressed and in hiding- 
just sliding by.
I’ve been oppressed and in hiding- 
just sliding by.
I try to keep laughing,
so you won’t see me cry.

I feel that I should tell you
Why I got the blues.
I should come right out and tell you
‘stead of leaven clues.
But honey you is so tired,
Aint’ ready for the news.

So I think this song is finished
Nothing left to say.
I declare an end to my blues now
No more dues to pay.
From now on, baby,
My blues songs will turn gay.

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