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Wednesday, 18 March 2015 03:48

1969- Mole (poem)

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I’m a mole 
Sitten in my hole
out of site
Shades tight
Black out the night.
Curtains drawn.
Cement lawn.
Till dawn. 
Always feel like I gotta run
Out of sun.
The sun’s the fun. 

I say “maybe then.”
I’ll get high
I sigh
And smoke some thai
To clarify my thinking.
If that don’t work
To prove I’m not a jerk
I go out drinking.
When the room begins to spin
And I believe I’m really in
The stobe lights flash
I strut my trash
No dignity to defend.

I’m all alone
In my own zone
Wishing for things that I don’t have.

My life, it is in waiting.
The waitings what get’s me by.
When I’m straight I’m waiting
To get high.
Then I’m up
As up has come to sound
And then I spend all my time
Waiting to come down.
And when I’m down
I run around
Trying to get up
With credit cards and movie stars
Disco bars and what’s bizarre.

I never live for yesterday-
Never say, “Remember when?”
I’m always waiting for better times.
My dream is like a woman that just won’t let me go.
It chains me, bound and borken, S&M upon my soul,
I’m left empty-handed, doing nothing,
A prisoner in my own home
Listening to the silence,
Listening all alone.
The siren’s scream,
The hounds all howl
The t.v. tells it’s lies
And with another puff of smoke
Another brain cell dies.
Please, phone don’t ring,
Don’t no one be kocking on my door.
My brain can’t think to say the words
No one lives her anymore.

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