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Wednesday, 18 March 2015 04:03

1976- I Praise Thee (poem to Stanley)

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I praise thee, 
O mighty virile
Shiney black male
You sinewy tough
Acting tough
And cool
Telling me I’m a “cool fool”
When in your presence
I’m nothin if I aint’ hot
Looking for my spot
Inside you
With your love all around me
And your way of talken be my music
You beautiful 
horney young thing
With that black thing
Hot to shoot
And you be so cute with your big doe eyes
Looking at the white man’s thighs
Or are you checkin size?

Your lips 
Your lips.
Your mouth,
Round and full
Would feel so soft against my lips
Your tongue so thick would fill my mouth
And my mouth would 
Be my whole world.

Your nose,
I love your nose
So close to you.
I wish mine could be and smell each delicious smell of your 
Manly-boyish body.
Hair of wool
So soft and shaped perfectly
Around you head.

Ears catching light in ridges
Working their way into your head
Carrying my voice into your world
With all my innuendo and jive.
“Turkey”- is that what you call me
so affectionately? Oh... I love you
your eyes.
Black pools of promises you’ll never keep and dreams you can’t fulfill.
Oh baby
You thrill me!
I see your face at night
And wanna feel the bite
Of your pearly whites
On my skin.


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